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Production and distribution in FMCG
The GWS team offers industry-leading solutions based on smart technologies that support advanced business processes to help you perform better.
Is it necessary to automate the business?
Do businesses that specialize in the production and sale of consumer goods need business automation? If your company specializes in the production and sale of such products, then you must have faced the problems that exist in this industry. What are they? Find out more below!
The main problems of manufacturers and distributors in the FMCG sector:
The complexity of generating reporting documentation.
It is conditioned by the high specificity of the activity of this kind of companies. The statement is relevant both for manufacturers and distributors. Moreover, in each case, the specificity of business processes may be different, depending on the type of products.
The difficulty of developing a sales market.
Needless to say, although the market for direct consumers is quite extensive, the circle of distributors, partners and wholesalers is often limited?
Development of a comprehensive, productive personnel management system.
No matter how competent specialist or even a whole department does not work in your company, to achieve maximum productivity of employees is possible only with the automation of business!
Confidentiality and 100% data security.
How to properly automate business processes and increase profits?
Especially for companies whose core business is:

The manufacture of a variety of general merchandise;
or sale of the above products,
...we have created comprehensive solutions that will solve the above problems and not only.

We offer you to get acquainted with Smartup line of software packages. But especially for you we have created a unique solution that will solve the problems listed below.
SMARTUP: What exactly do we offer?
100% sales automation for your company.
Using our ERP system, you will not only know how much goods have been sold for a certain period of time. The software package also allows you to detail your sales data. Now you will know exactly which of your sales agents work best, who needs additional motivation, and who is better replaced by a more productive employee.
A new look at the customer base.
Want to increase your sales? Our software solution Smartup will also help you do that. With it you can collect all the information about your customers, find out who, when and what exactly bought from you, who buys more and where your customers come from. Build a portrait of your potential customers and you'll understand how to sell more!
Information Protection.
Thanks to the implementation of the ACS, each employee will have access only to the part of the data entrusted to him. At the same time, the manager will be able to get 100% of the information at any time.
And most importantly - even when on a business trip or at home.
Solving HR Problems.
By automating business processes, you can fully control the work of office and mobile agents, generate and distribute tasks, and motivate employees.
Accounting for the movement of inventory
Accounting for the movement of inventory from the warehouse to the buyer, from the supplier to your company, as well as between departments and employees.
Automatic report generation
Automatically generate reports and other documentation. Get complete and up-to-date data so you can always focus on your most profitable customers and activities.
Why is it convenient to automate business in Uzbekistan with Smartup?
How reliable are our solutions? You can judge about it by studying the reviews of the companies that have already used them. We have already automated many businesses in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the geography of our customers is constantly expanding!Creating business automation systems, we care not only about their functionality, but also about your comfort. That's why all our solutions are different:

flexibility of settings;
rapid implementation without disruption to the core business (implementation of the software is performed within 3-7 days).
ease of use. The interface of the software complexes is intuitive even for a beginner.

How reliable are our solutions? You can judge about it by studying the reviews of the companies that have already used them. We have already automated many businesses in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the geography of our customers is constantly expanding!
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By using Smartup, you will be able to:
- Reduce the costs associated with performing these tasks;
- Stop worrying that information about your company's activities will be lost or fall into the hands of competitors.

Also our system allows you to solve many other tasks from the field of trade, accounting and financial accounting, business process management and not only. A unique feature of Smartup is the ability to implement additional modules. This means we can always find the best solution adapted to your business!

Our company cooperates not only in Uzbekistan. We are always glad to cooperate!

Want to know more? Call us and we will tell you about all the possibilities of business process automation!
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