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Personnel and payroll
Hire employees in our system, charge salaries, manage staffing schedules and KPIs.
SMARTUP-Personnel Management
is a comprehensive software solution that will allow your company to abandon outdated paperwork and bring all HR processes to a new level.
What does SMARTUP include as functionality ?
Want to know how our system allows you to achieve this effect in the automation of business processes in human resources management?
Record of applicants and employees.
Enterprise business process automation with Smartup will allow you to keep complete records of employees and job candidates in one database. Transfer an employee from one position to another? The system will record his career progression from resume review to dismissal and avoid inaccurate data.
Work schedule and management structure.
The ERP system automatically generates the company's management structure, as well as time sheets and work schedules for various groups of employees. The specifics of the company's activities are fully taken into account. In addition, the capabilities of CRM allow for operational management of access, accounting of working hours and absenteeism in automatic mode.
The ability to coordinate actions remotely.
Surely every HR specialist has faced circumstances at least once in his or her life when hiring, firing, or transferring an employee to a new position requires confirmation from management. At the same time, the director or other LPR is not always in town or even in the country.In the end, HR professionals spent a lot of time on simple operations. Are such time costs justified? Of course not.
Using our ERP for business you can organize a multi-channel system of interaction between employees of the company and communicate the decisions of the management online. The decision-maker only has to log in to the system and confirm his agreement to an action. He or she can be located anywhere in the world.
Calculation of wages and advances.
Thanks to the implementation of Smartup, the work time spent on calculating payroll and advance payments is also reduced. An additional advantage of the module is the minimization of possible errors that often occur when performing such operations in manual mode.
Formation of a system of incentives and penalties.
No successful company can exist without a properly formed incentive system. The same is true for penalties for being late or for not completing work on time.
Thanks to Smartup, it takes a minimum of time to create and implement a very transparent system of motivation and penalties. Using this feature will allow you not only to monitor the level of productivity of each individual employee, but also to make incentive payments and deduct penalties automatically.
Operational training with minimal loss of time and money.
Smartup allows you to plan the training of employees, record the time available for further training and professional development, as well as - the formation of a system of testing and certification.
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By using Smartup, you will be able to:
- Reduce the costs associated with performing these tasks;
- Stop worrying that information about your company's activities will be lost or fall into the hands of competitors.

Also our system allows you to solve many other tasks from the field of trade, accounting and financial accounting, business process management and not only. A unique feature of Smartup is the ability to implement additional modules. This means we can always find the best solution adapted to your business!

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