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The GWS team offers industry-leading solutions based on smart technologies that support advanced business processes to help you perform better.
Is trade automation necessary?
Do businesses that specialize in the production and sale of consumer goods need business automation? If your company specializes in the production and sale of such products, then you must have faced the problems that exist in this industry. What are they? Find out more below!
The right system will allow:
Reduce business costs
Motivate staff to work more productively and efficiently
Increase the number of customers
Minimize the risks of errors and omissions in the preparation of reporting documentation
Plan your activities and supply chain with maximum precision
What to consider when choosing a system to automate the wholesale and retail trade?

Of course, when choosing software, you need to consider all the specific features of your business, as well as - the possibility of changing the ready-made software solution. To put it simply, it should be flexible enough.

Speaking of the specifics of the enterprise, we must take into account its structure, type of trade (wholesale, retail), the main tasks, characteristics of staff and other nuances.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the vendor company that offers you their business process automation system, produces not only its implementation, but also training of employees who will work with it.

Ideally, the introduction and adjustment of software should take place without interruption to the main work of the company, because the interruptions or downtime invariably mean losses for the client company.

SMARTUP: how we create our products
for sales automation?
During the development of industry solutions, we have created a software suite for the automation of sales in the wholesale and retail sector. The whole line of offered programs is different:
Flexible settings and the ability to add
by adding various modules.
Quick installation - the process of implementation and
The launch process takes 3-7 working days.
The possibility of implementation without disruption to the core business - with us you can work without downtime.
Security - each solution is equipped with a multi-level access control system. Each employee has access only to the part of the data to which his role implies. The head of the company, on the other hand, has access to all data.
After launching and configuring the automation system
We will teach your staff how to work with it.
Why automation of business in Uzbekistan with SMARTUP - is convenient?
Creating business automation systems, we care not only about their functionality, but also about your comfort. That's why all our solutions are different:

-flexibility of settings;
-efficiency of implementation without interruption of the main activity (implementation of the software is performed within 3-7 days);
-ease of use. The interface of the software systems is intuitive even for a beginner.

How reliable are our solutions? You can judge about it by studying the reviews of the companies that have already used them. We have already automated many businesses in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the geography of our customers is constantly expanding!
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By using Smartup, you will be able to:
- Reduce the costs associated with performing these tasks;
- Stop worrying that information about your company's activities will be lost or fall into the hands of competitors.

Also our system allows you to solve many other tasks from the field of trade, accounting and financial accounting, business process management and not only. A unique feature of Smartup is the ability to implement additional modules. This means we can always find the best solution adapted to your business!

Our company cooperates not only in Uzbekistan. We are always glad to cooperate!

Want to know more? Call us and we will tell you about all the possibilities of business process automation!
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